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The Great Utility of Coaching In The Emotional Realm

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. Plato Coaches often cautiously retreat from the affective level with their clients for fear of crossing the line into therapy. Other coaches with a professional mental health background are … Continue reading

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Coaching a Client Through To A Mental Health Referral Using The Stages of Change

Times arise when it becomes apparent to a wellness coach that their client would benefit from working with a mental health professional. The need for referral may be urgent and involve client safety as when there is a threat of … Continue reading

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Process Coaching: Yes, Coaches “Do Emotions”

  How can we walk with our clients through the landscape of emotion and stay on solid and fertile ground? How can we avoid the mud, or even the quicksand of faux-counseling/psychotherapy? We want our clients to harvest the insights … Continue reading

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Wellness of the Heart

We are one amazing interconnected being with our body, the organs within, and chief among them our heart, affecting emotions in complete concert with our brain. Continue reading

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