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Coaching a Client Through To A Mental Health Referral Using The Stages of Change

Times arise when it becomes apparent to a wellness coach that their client would benefit from working with a mental health professional. The need for referral may be urgent and involve client safety as when there is a threat of … Continue reading

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Ten Ways To Coach Through Barriers To Change – Part Two – Inner Barriers To Lifestyle Improvement – I by Dr. Michael Arloski.

Your client has their motivation to be healthy and well energized, they’ve checked out their readiness for improving their lifestyle and, perhaps, with your help, they’ve even gotten a real wellness plan lined out. So, what is getting in their … Continue reading

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Change: The Paradox of Fear and Attraction Eight Thoughts for Success at Lifestyle Improvement.

“Change” is such a powerful and loaded term. The very word brings out any number of wildly disparate responses: fear, anticipation, longing, uncertainty, attraction, loss and excitement. Change in attitude, and belief yielding change in behavior, or more specifically health and wellness behavior is what we’re after. Continue reading

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