Being the Behavioral Change Expert: The WELCOA Wellness Coaching Interviews

Dr. Arloski Keynoting in Brazil

Wellness coaching is about setting aside your expert hat when it comes to wellness content and becoming the true ally your client needs for lasting lifestyle change. Yet, where our expertise shines through is in helping our client to actually succeed at making those behavioral changes that will improve their life and health. We need to be the behavioral change expert.

Healthcare organizations have discovered that health is largely behavioral in nature (consider medical compliance/adherence and the mind/body effect for examples) and have been embracing wellness and health coaching as a way to bridge the behavioral skills gap. To represent the field of wellness coaching I was honored to have the opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. David Hunnicutt of The Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) in their “WELCOA Expert Interview” Series. I’ve known David since the early days of the wellness movement and our interview produced so much content that WELCOA decided to feature it in two parts. They also helped bolster the field of wellness coaching in this special coaching issue of their newsletter by interviewing my colleague, Margaret Moore.

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Please share these resources with you colleagues. I believe you will find these interviews to be some of the most succinct and helpful information that has yet been published on health and wellness coaching.

Be well!
Dr. Michael