Age Fabulously! Hey, Why Not?

September is Health Aging Month! Ace it!

Our Aging Well conversation is growing each day. Yesterday my new wellness column in The Coloradoan, Fort Collins major newspaper, hit the streets! ( “Make Wellness an Integral Part of Your Lifestyle”.
I co-write the column with Jeb Gorham who is the wellness director at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. ( In introducing ourselves to the Fort Collins community Jeb shared “Provided the fact that Michael has been involved in the wellness field since around the time I was born, we feel our cross-generational team presents an exceptional and unified vision of health and wellness.”

Accompanying our column was a great article by fellow Fort Collins author, Dan McGrath, entitled “Age Fabulously”. (
His new book is 50 Athletes Over 50 Teach Us to Live a Strong Healthy Life. ( Check it out!

Coming in our next post will be the always provocative thoughts of wellness legend Don Ardell as he and I continue the wellness conversation on Aging Well!  Join us!  Leave a comment.

"Wellness is far too important to be presented grimly!" Don Ardell

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