Wellness Coaching Essential Ingredients

Ingredient #1
The Coaching Relationship

Last Fall in Orlando, Florida, key players in the wellness coaching world convened at the Health Coaching Executive Forum, to make sense out of this evolving field (Organized by the World Research Group http://www.worldrg.com/). I was honored to be part of the keynote panel featuring thought leaders from around the country who are critically involved in raising the standards for wellness and health coaching.

Our panel and presenters from health plans, disease management companies, hospitals and other healthcare organizations had a rich exchange of ideas. For all the differences in approaches, programs, and plans, we all agreed on one thing: the coaching relationship is absolutely essential to effective outcomes in wellness coaching. Companies who have tried the “coach du jour” approach (where a client might get a different coach on each call) never did as well as when a client had an ongoing and trusted relationship with a coach who became their ally.

“If you could have done it yourself, you probably would have already done it by now.” Pat Williams

So what makes a coach into a true ally? What makes a coaching relationship a real alliance? We might ask the question in another everyday life way: What are the qualities of someone you would want on your “lifeboat”?

I would want to know that this person:

1. Truly cares…about me, not just themselves.
2. They will be there right beside me when the going gets tough. Reliable.
3. Has the competencies to see us through the entire journey.

4. Is able to work with me collaboratively, creatively, resourcefully.
5. Is genuinely compassionate.

Who do you want in your lifeboat?

See also the 8.11.10 post on Change: https://realbalancewellness.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/change-the-paradox-of-fear-and-attraction-eight-thoughts-for-success-at-lifestyle-improvement/

For more about wellness coaching go to www.realbalance.com

Be well!  Michael Arloski


About Michael Arloski

CEO and Founder of Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc. (www.realbalance.com). Real Balance has trained thousands of wellness coaches worldwide. Dr. Arloski is a board member of The National Wellness Institute, and a founding member of the executive team of The National Consortium For Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches. He is author of the leading book in the field of wellness coaching: Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change, 2nd Ed.
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